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When doing business with Indians, Westerners sometimes have a hard time understanding their customs. A useful exercise is to compare the early colonization of the United States and Brazil since it sheds light on the ensuing differences between the two modern nations.

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‘Pocari Sweat’ is a Japanese energy drink usually taken after sport. But the producers got into trouble when they decided to export it to the States.

While the Japanese believe that sweat represents a healthy and hard working body, the negative connotations associated with sweat in the States proved to be a.

An essay by Munesuke Mita, Professor of Sociology at the University of Tokyo, examines contemporary art through a sociological lens, comparing the recent history of art with mathematical predictions of population growth.

He connects Sugimoto’s body of work to this unique analysis of the art world. Drinking: Pocari Sweat ; AH I JUST FOUND OUT PLS by StariiFey Watch.

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Plus all the things inbetween like plain phucked up text. "Guidelines" Kind of, look at these masterpieces to. Oct 08,  · And should you happen to be in Japan on a hot day and felt like sweating, why don’t you try that popular and tasty soft drink available from any food store or vending machine in the country: Have a “Sweat” – “Pocari Sweat” to be precise.

Pocari sweat essay
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